Meet the Team

The Breathe Team are all volunteers passionate about Breathwork. After a successful launch of the Festival in 2018, the team have been busy making their dreams become a reality.

Kerry, Karolina and James, having had similar visions for an annual Breathwork event in the UK, were connected together by mutual friends. Soon after joined by Kath, “Breathe A Festival of life” has been taking shape ever since, having a life force of its own. The Breathe team feel honoured to birth this exciting project, and it has been a joy to collaborate and connect with others along the way.  The team was proud to welcome Mark on board during 2019 to support the expansion and growth of the festival.

The Breathe Team would like to acknowledge all the hard work and creativity provided by:

Kara Szczesna from - for our stunning website and promotion literature;

Carl Cozier from -  for our powerful logo.

Whilst the intention initially was for a smaller gathering, the collective and longer term vision for Breathe is to host a Breathwork festival, open and accessible to larger numbers, from all walks of life. It will have a programme that helps to bring Breathwork to adults and also to young people and experience necessary.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to this year’s event!

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Kerry’s has found her life’s purpose, combining her most natural talent with her deepest passion. The outcome of which is co-creating spaces for people to connect, inspire and have fun.

This work sees Kerry producing Glastonbury Festival’s iconic field ‘The Common’, co-founding the UK’s first ever festival celebrating Breathwork, and more recently working globally with Anthony Abbagnano as part of the Alchemy of Breath team.

Kerry has been connected with Rebirthing breathwork for over 20 years. In 1994 her first Rebirthing session in the US, along with some well chosen books ‘Living in the Light’ & ‘Creative Visualisation’ by Shakti Gawain, really shaped Kerry’s life. Now a trained Breathwork Practitioner and Energy Therapist, Kerry has founded Sacred Breath, with the intention and capacity to spread the incredible, transformational work that can be done simply by using the breath.



Is the hard working, light bringing, beauty creating spirit. She loves a good spreadsheet and has dreams of the Breathe children’s area blossoming.

Kath’s enthusiasm to join the Breathe team is founded in her passion and interest in using the Arts and the Healing Arts for self empowerment and self-expression, both personal and collective. Kath’s main career experience is in producing and facilitating community arts projects for children, young people and families. She has had the pleasure of collaborating with many diverse artists, musicians, organisations, local councils, venues, festivals, schools and youth and family groups across London, Glasgow, Manchester and also India.



Holds the space for it all to happen, from a place of true authenticity and loving presence.

James joined the "Breathe" team after having a vision for a gathering of UK based Breath workers. He is passionate about Breathwork and is dedicated to his personal practice and Spiritual Growth. James is committed to making a difference in the world and he is driven to share the benefits of conscious breathing by the transformation experienced in his own life. He is gentle, kind and caring and with his huge heart is committed to make "Breathe" an experience that will change the lives of others.



Is our wise, generous, free flowing soul. Her bright and endless energy connects and brings new ideas and people together.

Karolina’s training and practice in the Rebirthing Breathwork modality, have been her personal guiding inspiration since 2012. Her dedicated involvement to this work extends to the everyday management of her life. She is passionate about using the disciplines of Conscious Breath to connect with the Inner Self. In recent years she has applied these skills to therapy in private sessions with clients, to help them find the power of their own Breath. Her passionate involvement in her work extends to the promotion of wider awareness and participation in the beneficial effects on self development of Conscious Breathing.



Mark joined the Breathe Team in 2019 with his great organizational skills and witty mind.