What is Breathe - A Festival of Life?

Breathe is an annual event held at Gaunts House, Dorset, at the end of August. It is the UK's first Breathwork festival. The intention is to attract new audiences to the breathwork community and to grow into a larger festival of holistic wellbeing. It is held over three days of inspiring talks, yoga, meditation and breathwork workshops. 

What is Breathwork? 

Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious connected breathing techniques for inner peace, enhanced well-being and personal transformation. Breathing, beyond the basic need for survival, acts as a bridge between spirit, mind, and body; between the conscious and the subconscious. “Conscious Breathing” is one of the quickest ways to open the heart and energise the body.

When used in specific ways, breathing allows us to release and resolve emotions, belief systems, stresses and memories which are often inaccessible through the more conventional talking therapies.

From: International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) 

How big is the event?

This second year we are aiming to have between 120 and 150 attendees. But in the future we would like it to grow gradually still keeping the intimate atmosphere of residential retreat. 

Is Breathe suitable for me if I have accessibility requirements?

There are provisions in place to enable disabled access; please do get in touch with us directly if you have any questions so we can give you the best advice. When you buy a ticket and it is emailed to you, there is a link on the email which gives access to a registration document, you can also tell us about any specific requirements you have on this form.  This form will also have been emailed directly to you.

Is the event child friendly?

Breathe this year is more like a residential retreat than what we all imagine a festival to be like. The majority of the programme is indoor workshops and talks. These workshops are not wholly suitable for children. We do have children coming, but wish to keep this to a minimum this year. There are great plans to be able to welcome children and for them to have their own programme of entertainment in future years. If you wish to bring children please email admin@festivaloflife.co.uk.

Can I book a private session with one of the workshop leaders?

Yes you can, please email the teachers directly. We will do our best to provide the suitable space. This will be at an extra charge. 

what about the food? Do you cater for allergies?

During your stay, you will be provided with meals lovingly prepared by the Gaunts House Catering Department. Catering Manager Steve Lavender and his team have a great reputation for providing freshly produced, delicious home cooked vegetarian cuisine.

Special diets – vegan, dairy-free, gluten/wheat-free – can be catered for when arranged in advance, so please remember to fill you Registration Form sent to you after you purchased your ticket, to let us know about you food restrictions. Gaunts House can not guarantee to provide nut-free environment, so please get in touch if you have a severe nut allergy.

What about if I decide to camp?

Camping is in a flat and beautiful area. There are ladies, gents and disabled showers & loos, and a kitchen sink for campers. Power is not provided on the pitches but there are water taps. If you are camping, showers and toilets are provided but you will need your own towels and bedding, along with your campervan or tent. 

Do I need to bring a yoga mat or anything else?

Please do bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a small pillow for the workshops. We have a few spares if this is really not possible. You may also want to bring a swimming towel and costume if you wish to use the pool. It is also advisable to bring your own water bottle. 


What does my ticket include?

Ticket prices include the event program, accommodation, meals and refreshments throughout the weekend (except for day delegates for whom there is no accommodation and two meals: lunch and dinner, on Friday and Saturday / Dinner on Thursday or Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday).

Can I book a double if there is only one person?

No. Double rooms are meant to be shared, you would need to book two tickets at the same time. 

Can I choose who I share a room with?

Yes, if you email admin@festivaloflife.co.uk you can request room allocations, and we will try our hardest to make things work for you. 

What is the Early Bird ticket?

The Early Bird ticket is for a shared room (sharing with 1, 2 or 3 others) or camping.

I haven't received my booking confirmation and/or E-ticket, what do I do?

All booking confirmations are sent to the Ticket Buyer's email address. If you are the Ticket Buyer and haven't received your booking confirmation, the most common reason is that you typed in your email address incorrectly on your order. Please contact info@theticketsellers.co.uk or 0121 472 6688 and they will assist you in finding your booking.

What if I cannot pay for my whole ticket at once?

We offer a split payment plan on the ticket page. This means you can pay half now and then half by the 10th August. You will be sent an email reminder when it is time to pay. 

I bought a Split Payment ticket, how/when do I pay the balance?

You can pay off the balance of your split payment ticket by logging into your account at TheTicketSellers.co.uk. Final payments must be received by 10th August 2018.

Why do you charge booking fees?

Booking fees pay for the administration, customer and IT support that goes into processing ticket orders. This money goes to the ticketing company and not us. 


Is there parking for my car?

There is plenty of parking for cars. You will need to let us know how you plan to get to Breathe via the registration form. 

What is the best way to get to Breathe?

To assist with your travel plans we would like to share some information we hope you find useful. This information is available as a guide and we do recommend you check with local service providers directly for latest information.
The site’s remoteness is part of what it makes it so special, but it does mean that some planning is required if arriving by public transport. 

Our closest rail station is Salisbury but there are also travel options from Poole and Bournemouth.  All stations will require a further journey by bus or taxi. The Train Line website.

Travelling via Salisbury
The bus leaves Salisbury (Endless Street, stop C). Monday to Friday, no service Saturday, Sundays & Bank holidays. Bus times can be found here.

Once in Blandford Forum you will need to take a taxi to Gaunts house.
Blandford – Gaunts House (approximately 23 mins drive)

There is a taxi rank near to the bus stop. Local taxi company telephone numbers for bookings are shown below.
Blandford Kens Kabs T: 01258 456136
Oakwood taxis T: 01258 455555
Please contact local companies directly for availability and prices.

Travelling via Poole
Route 3, Bus Number 4 leaving from stand E in Poole bus station and run’s every 30 minutes. Again bus times can be found here.

Once in Wimborne you will need to take a taxi to Gaunts house.
Wimborne – Gaunts House (approximately 11 mins drive)

E: Info@canford-taxis.co.uk, T: 01202 886666; 07960276615 (Mobile for texting or WhatsApp) Canford Taxis website

TAXI Price guide:

Wimborne to Gaunts House anytime £10
Poole rail/coach station: £23 (Sundays /early mornings £27.50)
Bournemouth rail/coach station: £27.50(Sundays/early mornings £35)
Salisbury rail station:  £50 (Sundays /early mornings £60).

Please note, all airport pickups will have parking on top.

Southampton Airport or train/coach station:
£55 (Sundays /early mornings £65)
Heathrow airport £110 (Sundays/early mornings £120)
Gatwick airport £130 (Sundays /early mornings £140)
Bournemouth airport: £25 +parking (Sundays/early mornings £30+parking)

 If you chose to walk, please take care when walking on country lanes.

Gaunts House, Petersham Ln, Gaunts, Wimborne BH21 4JQ
From London: M3 and then M27 West to A31 Wimborne
From Bristol: A4 to Bath; A35 to Wimborne. Take the B3078 which runs north from Wimborne toward Cranborne, for three miles to the Gaunts House entrance.