Breath and Beyond – the TranceBreath™ experience

All healing happens in non-ordinary states of mind. We have to get out of consensus reality

in order to allow new possibilities, which our conscious, everyday mind will or cannot

otherwise accept. As long as we are in the ” I know”, no healing, magic, miracle or

transpersonal experience can happen.

Since millennium the breath has been used by ancient mystery schools to access nonordinary

states of consciousness for healing, union with creation and to commune with the

Divine. May it be through fasting, chanting for hours, vigorous meditation, rhythmic tribal

dances and drumming, drug or breath induced states, we have to transcend the “normal” to

allow the extraordinary. On entering a trance, the veil between the “known” and the “bigger

picture” suddenly becomes transparent and amazing insights, occurrences or healing


Trancebreath™ has its roots in the tradition of Holotropic Breathwork® a la Stan Grof.

Inducing non-ordinary states of mind by vigorous breathing in a space for transformation,

consisting of intense rhythmic music, unconditional acceptance and support of the

individual and the diverse healing processes each participant is going through in their 3-

hour journey.

To the accelerated connected breathing we have added elements of dance and movement,

specifically chosen tribal and trance music, as well as specifically guided breath techniques

leading the whole experience to another dimension.

The breath acts as bridge between the consciousness and the subconscious and allows

release of stress, memories & emotions held in your being, not usually accessible through

conventional talking therapies. The vigorous connected breathing increases the level of

oxygen and energy in your body to enable you to go beyond the known. The evocative

music takes you onto a shamanic journey of exploration and healing. Flying on the wings of

your inner healer you connect to all levels of your true being and leave behind what holds

you back.


Come and experience non-substance based consciousness expansion and healing - a true

shamanic journey. Induced by vigorous breathing, sonically driven and elevated by

evocative tribal music - you will embark on a great experience of letting go and

transformation. An experience you will never forget!

What is it

Pure consciousness expansion and healing of the soul without using mind-altering

substances. Heart opening and connection to the inner realms and the Divine, achieved

without drugs like Ecstasy or LSD. A natural trance state! A trip without a trip! Breath and

Beyond! Do you get the picture!?!

How does it work

We will provide you with an absolutely safe space for your experience and all the

information about the process you might require. First we dance and breathe, later we lie

down and breathe. Evocative rhythmic, tribal music and the accelerated breathing take you

onto a shamanic journey of exploration and healing. You will be carefully guided, monitored

and supported, so you are free to allow your consciousness to explore the full range of it’s


What will I experience

Inner movies, journeys might appear. Metamorphosing into an animal or plant becomes

possible. Easy access to the archetypal realms! You might travel into space or connect to

planetary or Divine consciousness. You could enter past life experiences or bliss realms.

Emotional release of accumulated stress or trauma happens easily and your heart opens.

Energy experiences throughout your body – pulsating, vibrating, flowing, in unison with the

universe. Visions of sacred geometry may flood your brain and deep, mystical insights

appear from nowhere. Refreshed and renewed you return from this inner journey. An

experience not to be missed!

We all know of the amazing healing power of the breath!

Now TranceBreath™ can take us even a step further.

If you

  • Enjoy to immerse yourself into rhythm and explore altered states of mind

  • Are interested in expanding consciousness beyond its everyday level

  • Love good tribal and trance music

  • Like to have more energy

  • Want to know more of who you are and be inspired from within

  • Want to experience a group supported natural trance experience

  • Want to release trapped emotions in a safe and supported environment

  • Want to have an adventurous day of Self-discovery and exploration

Then don’t miss this amazing experience!

Heinz Gerd Lange and Lera Lange

Kara Szczesna