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Sophia Magdalena - Love's Breath

Sophia Magdalena has dedicated herself to personal transformation from the early days of human personal development in San Francisco where she lived in the 70s. In going to live in Bali in 2005 she experienced the spiritual teachings of the Way of Mastery and Course in Miracles. Devoting herself to these Teachings  and practices of Loves Breath and Radical Inquiry on a daily basis supported her own Expansion and growth as a Teacher and Healer. As a conduit of Light and Love she has been extending and facilitating the sacred breath of Love, Loves Breath, and other Practices of the Mystery Schools as an alchemist transmuting energy frequencies and light.

She facilitates Breath Work workshops and courses in Breath of Love, Retreats in  Awakening the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Sexuality workshops for men and women in Sweden, the UK, France and Spain and takes groups to Bali. She offers private Re Birthing Sessions and now lives in Stockholm.

At Breathe, 2018 she will deliver her Loves Breath workshop. Loves Breath is a practice of deep conscious connected breathing, of giving and receiving the Breath of Life and Love. It is supported by a guided Journey of meditation and self-inquiry setting intentions based on Love and Acceptance. Leading into sharing practice bringing awareness to the blockages energetically held in the body supports the releasing of these fears attached to the Pain body during the Breath Work Practice. Clearing these energies allows for a deeper connection to Love, Peace, Joy and Freedom to be palpably experienced.

She will also be offering One on One Sessions. - see below. Please book by emailing

Re Birthing Sessions; Radical Inquiry. A Journey of Transmuting Fears to Love. 1.30 min/2hrs.

A transformative Journey of guidance through self-inquiry bringing a deeper awareness and felt experience of emotions and beliefs locked within the pain body. With Presence and conscious Breath, the process of questioning unlocks the deepest Core fears and beliefs. As Truth unfolds a choice to choose differently from a place of self-forgiveness, love and compassion returns.  An energetic shift alchemically happens as this awareness and choice is made and fear transmutes to Love.


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