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Roger Gong - Remember who you are

At Breathe, 2018 Roger will deliver his Soundjourney workshop and a yoga workshop (6.45 - 8.00am Sunday 2nd September)

Roger has a lifetime fascination with eastern philosophy and is a registered Senior Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.
He first discovered the power of sound as a healing modality whilst studying and practicing traditional posture yoga in Mysore, Southern India in early 2010.  He originally trained with Akhil of the Temple of Singing Bowls. This two week intensive, a one on one immersion into the Nada (Sound Yoga), set him on his journey of discovery of the power of vibration as a transformational tool. Initially introducing elements of sound into regular yoga classes he continues to combine elements of posture and breathwork to enhance the heightened state induced by the gongs. It is impossible to put into words the feelings induced from a soundbath - they truly need to be experienced. There is a saying in the world of gong aficionados ‘the gong will give you what you need.’ Roger humbly invites you to come and experience …

'Remember Who You Are' workshop - A Soundjourney Experience.  The workshop will be divided into two parts - preparatory exercises followed by a 45 minute soundbath meditation.

Roger will also be offering one on one sessions which can be from 10 to 60 minutes. Please email for more information or to book.

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