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Jeannine Goh - The Modern Day Mystic

Dr Jeannine Goh is a passionate Scaravellian yoga teacher, author, musician, mother, psychologist and sought after inspirational speaker. A doctor in psychology (Ph.D in self-awareness and the boundaries of the self) she was awarded an Honorary Research Fellowship from the University of Manchester and is an experienced Associate Lecturer in psychology at The Open University. Her great vision led to the creation of the social enterprise Awespace, and a fully funded Soulful Schools Programme, Magic of Life Festival and the children’s book ‘The Enchanted Child’. Often described as a visionary and mystic, the past few years she has been working on her forthcoming book ‘Modern-day Mystic: The Silent Revelation’. Jeannine is certain that by each of us sparking our own ‘Silent Revelation’ we will become a great force of nature (as nature intended) and a global silent revolution will occur.

Yoga - 6.45 - 8.00 am Saturday 1st September

Jeannine trained with the Inner Yoga Trust which is the only Scaravellian yoga teacher training programme in the UK and was accredited by The British Wheel of Yoga.  She has been sensitively sharing and inspiring her students for over eight years in this beautiful type of profound yoga.  

Scaravellian yoga is a beautiful, gentle yet demanding form of yoga that works to release and lengthen the spine and return the body back to its natural suppleness, flexibility and strength. Working with gravity we come to recognise how we can grow organically into postures without pushing or forcing. The life and breath flows more easily and the body gently fills and loses any hard edges.  The life-force, the breath and the oxygen can thrive in the relaxed, soft, open and gentle body. Through releasing blockages and tension and working with gravity, Jeannine's yoga creates space and suppleness in the body, to allow the body to fully come alive.  

'We become more beautiful, our faces change and our walk gains in elasticity. Our way of standing is steady and poised, our legs are firmer, and our toes and feet spread out, giving us more stability. Our chests expand, the muscles of the abdomen start to work, the head is lighter on the neck…To watch these enchanting changes is amazing.   A different life begins and the body expresses a happiness never felt before. These are not just words; it actually happens.’. Vanda Scaravelli

Jeannine will deliver a Scaravellian-inspired yoga class and a talk on her new book, ‘Modern-day Mystic: The Silent Revelation’ this year at Breathe.