31st August, 1st & 2nd September, 2018

Breathe festival 2018

It took two years of planning and years of dreaming for the team to gather and Breathe Festival was finally born on 31st August 2018. After sending out the messengers and making a wish, the angels rallied and the perfect tribe gathered. Blessed with clear sky in an idyllic location it was a beautiful experience for everyone involved.

Breathe Festival in its first year was lovingly supported by Dan Brule, Rebecca Dennis, Anthony Abbagnano, Sophia Magdalena, Doug Sawyer, Brigitte Martin Powell, Roger Gong, Louisa Love, Jeannine Goh, Richard Bostock, James Frost, Vicky Sinclair, Christian Platts and many more. Let the beautiful words of those who attended and the memories we captured be the testimonial for what was a truly amazing weekend.

‘‘I have been to many many festivals and healing events and this was one of the most powerful and memorable I have ever been to.  An incredible energy was created and beautifully held by a talented team of organisers that attracted world-renowned leaders in the Breathwork movement.  I was blown-away by the experience and the wisdom and teachings of the weekend and of Breathwork in the hands of these incredible teachers.  This is a gathering of people who deeply care about the world, their self and each other and of collective healing.  I spoke to many kindred spirits and like-minded souls who like myself had a truly transformational experience.  This  festival is the beginning of something unique and particularly special.  See you there in 2019!’

Dr Jeannine Goh

‘‘Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To the Big 4 team for the wonderful weekend of 'Festival of Life' from John and myself! It certainly was a celebration of life. I did fill in a feedback form and afterwards I had the thought that the event was just too short. I would like to see it be maybe Thursday arrival until Sunday. I don't know what you and the team think about this. You all worked so well for us all!

It was so amazing to be around people with such strong life energies! One thing that I did not put on the feedback form was about the 'Inner child' session with Anthony. He had only been talking for a few minutes and he talked about the little girl who had asked her new-born baby sister "Baby, Baby tell me about God, because I'm beginning to forget". That was a powerful session and I've been awakening in the mornings with the voice of a little child speaking. They are memories of me speaking to my Mum as a very young child. Mostly about needing attention from her. Just the memory of that session is making me cry now. And I made a commitment to give my inner child a hug every day early in the morning and last thing at night. A very powerful weekend altogether’’

Brenda Richardson-Little